Do You Have A Marketing Mindset?

Do You Have A Marketing Mindset?

Due to the possibilities provided by the internet, there are literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of online marketers in the world today. The sheer vastness of opportunities is mindboggling.

We have to ask ourselves what makes one successful and the others not. Is it the products they sell, the services they offer, the look of their webpage, their pricing, or guarantees?

Of course, each of those things contributes to their success, but a more significant factor in whether or not they make money with their endeavors is their mindset toward marketing.

Because of the relative ease of setting up an online business and putting a digital product for sale, many people are tempted to simply throw something together. Unfortunately, they don’t look at their product and marketing from a business point of view.

They fail to remember that their ultimate goal should be to provide a product or service that will solve the buyer’s problems or needs. Instead, they are only interested in their profits.

What Should We Be Striving For?

There are two crucial factors to consider when becoming an online marketer.

The first is understanding and knowing your potential market and customers.

What are their needs, the pains they are experiencing, and what kind of solutions are they looking for? These factors and their demographics are significant to your success.

The second factor is what kind of branding you want to set for yourself. Additionally, what type of reputation do you wish to create?

For example, do you want to be known as a marketer who produces and provides quality products at a fair price, or do you want to be known as the marketer who just mass produces copy-and-paste schlock for lowball prices or never-ending back-end funnels?

These two factors are essential for developing the marketing mindset you need to succeed online, so decide which fits your long-term goals and then make it your mantra.

What Are Some Of The Things Necessary For A Business Mindset?

As a marketer, you must be open to learning new things necessary to implement in your online business. If you fear technical things or learning something new, you will need to be willing to invest in delegating those things to people who can do them.

It is also important to understand that even though you can start an online business with little to no capital, you will ultimately have to invest and reinvest in order for your business to grow.

There are tools that you will need, such as a domain, a website, an autoresponder, a page builder, graphics programs, and eventually PLR or pre-written content.

Many of these things can be acquired at a low cost, but some of them will be ongoing expenses. These will be investments you make for your business to grow, and you need to view them as a positive necessity.

Be Ready To Make Some Changes

In order to market yourself and your new products, you need to know what your customer wants and deliver something of value on a regular basis.

There will be several avenues of marketing that might require you to leave your comfort zone. You will learn how to do advertising, email marketing and eventually promote your products via video, whether as a “live stream”, YouTube video, or maybe a podcast.

If you don’t like writing, then developing a regular email series or newsletter might be a daunting task. If you view it as a personal conversation with your subscribers, sitting down and completing that task will be much easier.

The personal touch you add is what will create a loyal readership of your emails. This can add to your back-end sales letter.

If you like being in the limelight, making videos will be a welcome task. If you fear being in front of the camera, then the thought of this could paralyze you.

Using a marketing mindset, you will discover that you can still make compelling videos and create sales, even without being in front of the camera yourself. You need to be willing to learn these techniques.

Connect With Your Customer

When you’ve established who you are and what you stand for, you begin to develop a trust factor that your readers and customers will appreciate. They will sense that you do things from the heart because you care about them and not just for a buck.

In addition to writing informative emails, you can make them fun to read by incorporating personal stories or your sense of humor. If you’re funny, that personality trait will work to your advantage within your writing style and is a definitive plus for when you do videos or podcasts.

Just a little word of warning, if your sense of humor is pretty irreverent, be aware that it is probably not everybody’s taste and might polarize some or even cause them to get off your list.

But, on the other hand, if it is part of your branding, don’t worry about it. You will continue to find people who love your style and will continue to follow you.

Another advantage of personalizing your emails, videos, and podcasts is that it is an easy way to connect and get direct feedback from your customers about their interests, likes, and dislikes about you and your products or services. It’s an effective approach that will allow you to stay on top of the game in the industry.

With a “customer comes first” mindset, your business will flourish when you consistently focus on making their lives easier. You do this by sharing stories and giving them valuable information, such as templates, checklists, free reports, a spreadsheet, etc., in every email you send or product you launch.

Develop Your Brand

Through your stories, viewpoints, and sense of humor, you are putting your own stamp on your marketing efforts, which will let you stand out from the others.

Some marketers do this with a catchy URL or a memorable business nickname. You will need to decide what kind of branding best fits you.

A catchy slogan at the beginning or end of your emails is a way to brand your business. For example, McDonald’s Golden Arches are a recognizable brand worldwide. Their theme, “Over a Billion Served”, is a statement and testimonial about their successful fast-food restaurant business.

Another part of your branding could be a catchy logo or a fancy jingle with an intro when you do videos, live streams, or podcasts. But, again, it will become something people associate with you when they see or hear it.

Connecting With Fellow Marketers

Many marketers look at others in their niche and consider them competition. A good marketing mindset is to view them as “fellow marketers”. However, there is something to be learned from all of them, be it good or bad.

It’s important to try and connect and learn from those marketers who are in the same niche. You want to analyze what makes their campaigns effective and customers returning for more.

It is crucial to ensure that they embrace the same values as you in how they market their products and treat their customers. You must make sure they are ethical too.

By cultivating a positive relationship with fellow marketers, they can become part of a support network that will help you when you are launching new products.

Some of them could later become JV partners and create joint products with you. By reciprocating, you can assist in each other’s business growth.

Let Your Passion Speak For Itself

Throughout this process, it is imperative to remember your reason for building your business.

What is your passion?

What is driving you to be successful?

Once you’ve determined what that passion is, it will reflect in all you do.

One way to do this is by being willing to get coaching or mentoring from others who are more successful. The willingness and desire to learn new things will increase your passion. The greater your devotion, the better your products and services will be.

By emulating the best and not copying them, it will become imperative that you let your customers and fellow marketers know who you are and what you stand for.

It’s the mindset that you have that ultimately determines if you’re a good marketer or not. See yourself as a winner with something of value to offer your customer, and you will come out on top.

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