Transform Your Health Goals by Adjusting Your Mindset

Transform Your Health Goals by Adjusting Your Mindset

Have you ever felt disillusioned about something that you thought would turn out differently? Did it make you feel frustrated to the point of ignoring your diet and health goals?

You turn to comfort food in order to feel better, thinking it’s just for today. Yet that’s a big lie because you know that the chocolate chip cookies, chips, candy bars, and other snacks you took out of the pantry are full of calories, preservatives, and lots of refined sugars that will sabotage the positive results you’ve made on your diet.

As a result, you regret your decision knowing that you have added more pounds and inches to your waistline. You continue on a downward spiral of punishing yourself and eventually turn into a couch potato.

Your beliefs affect your mindset, which affects your health goals in either a positive or a negative way. Creating new positive habits can be difficult, but when our mindset slips and we start lying to ourselves, we create negative habits that work against our goals.

Believing we can leave the path of positive habits for “just one day“ and restart the next day as if nothing happened is just not true. It is an injustice to our goals because we are just fooling ourselves.

Dealing With Stress In A Negative Way

For some of you, stress often manifests itself in your body through binge eating and weight gain. Others tend to become reclusive with their dietary needs and stop eating altogether.

Either way, these behaviors are a coping mechanism when you feel overwhelmed by life. Negative thoughts, experiences, and regret can also affect your mental health and well-being.

How can you overcome stress?

You do it by focusing on the good things in life.

When you choose to look at things from a positive point of view, then you can prevent a stressful situation from becoming debilitating or causing depression. One way to avoid falling into a deep depression is by controlling how a stressful situation impacts your life.

Instead of tapping into the stress hormones circulating in your body, focus on the things that make you feel good. By doing so, you turn the negative flow of energy into a positive one that enhances your level of performance.

Practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation or deep breathing can help you shift your focus from stress to positivity. Additionally, incorporating regular physical activity and a balanced diet into your routine can further boost your mood and energy levels, helping you to maintain a positive mindset.

Shifting your mindset can be the key to turning stress into a benefit that creates a positive outcome for you.

Why Words Can Influence Your Mindset

Advertisers trick the consumer’s brain into thinking that what they’re about to indulge in is both delicious and a healthy alternative to a homemade meal. But unfortunately, we come to believe that these messages are true due to repeatedly being exposed to them.

The repetitive messages cause us to believe that we feel satisfied after eating processed food. They entice us with images of smiling faces and happy family members in idyllic settings that all affect our emotions while embedding their message in our minds.

But do these foods actually satisfy your craving for good nutrition, and does your body respond well to them long after you’ve eaten them? Most likely not, but since we are subjected to an endless barrage of the same narrative, we come to believe it is.

Likewise, if someone keeps repeating the same mantra over and over again, it becomes part of their belief system. For example, if you “woke up on the wrong side of the bed,“ believing that your entire day will be a disaster, then the chances are very high that it will turn out that way.

The same process applies to positive self-talk or the use of affirmations. These affirmations can become your own personal debriefing against the media’s barrage of unhealthy eating.

How To Use Affirmations To Shift Your Mindset?

One of the ways to create a mindset shift is by using positive affirmations. These affirmations can be regarding your diet, physical or emotional well-being, or mental attitude toward healthy foods.

For example:

  • “I enjoy eating foods without sugar.“
  • “I find exercising exciting, and it gives me a lot of energy.”
  • “I promise to focus on turning my stress into positive situations.”
  • “I enjoy developing my skill sets to be prepared for opportunities.”
  • “Focusing on my daily routines helps me when I encounter adversity and challenges.”
  • “I enjoy my healthy sleep cycle, eating healthy foods, and drinking enough water.”

Using affirmations can help you transform the way you view things. For example, it can help you in the way you look at your food consumption by changing a negative view of healthy foods to a positive one.

Your new drive to choose better foods will definitely have a positive effect on your health. This change will ultimately benefit your overall state of mind and well-being.

The secret to this process is similar to what the advertisers use. Through constant repetition of the affirmations, your mindset slowly shifts based on your new beliefs.

The Bad News

But, unfortunately, too many people view this as a simplistic or silly solution and don’t avail themselves of its powerful influence. It is unfortunate that people disregard this easy and effective approach because it doesn’t seem technical enough.

They prefer to subscribe to so-called overnight or push-button solutions that they watch on late-night advertising. Their results and satisfaction are surely doomed to be short-lived.

That is because those “cures” or “overnight results” rely on purchasing or subscribing to expensive products or services from someone else. The only thing they are sure to lose is their hard-earned money.

The Good News

The only true and effective long-term results can be achieved by changing your own inner processing of your nutritional habits.

It’s simple, you have the choice of achieving your goals for better health through the use of affirmations, changing your beliefs and developing a new mindset, or ignoring it and maintaining the status quo.

The question is, which choice will ultimately make you happier? You decide!

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